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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click search engine marketing may also be referred to as "sponsored links", "paid search", "cpc advertising, or simply "PPC", but the underlying concept is the same: Your search engine ranking is based on a combination of how much you are willing to pay per click and the qaulity ratings of your paid search listings. You select the keywords for your listings, and you craft the ad copy that is shown to searchers. Your message can be displayed to people and businesses actively seeking your products and services, on the largest search engines across the web.

Targeting can be exceptional if you choose the right keywords, and ROI can be explicitly factored into campaigns. You pay for each clickthrough delivered by the search engine, and each clickthrough represents a very targeted lead. Campaigns can be up and running within days. Pay per click search engine marketing can deliver qualified leads quickly and affordably.

YSM, MSN, & Google Adwords Consulting

PayPerClick Helpers was founded by a PPC Account Strategist who managed the Paid Search operations at two Major Search Marketing agencies. We can boast over 5 years of "in the trenches" paid search management experience working with some of the biggest spenders on the internet. We know exactly how to construct and manage pay per click campaigns the right way. There is more to managing paid search than a few keywords and high bids. It truly is an art and science and we have perfected it.

We are experts at selecting keywords, crafting ad copy that filters out browsers and brings in buyers, incorporating business goals in bid strategy, and measuring performance, allowing us to manage campaigns that achieve your objectives. We have insider techniques and proprietary tools that maximize the amount of qualified leads at an economically affordable cost, yielding the highest ROI for your site.

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